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Aspiring photographer with oodles of creativity. He has published on numerous occasions including Vogue Italia. His work has been exhibited in USA and Europe and his first solo Exhibition is currently open at The Studio Eastry Gallery, Kent on 2nd and 3rd October 2015.

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Jamie Sheehy is a creative and narrative photographer focusing on telling stories through images.

He got serious about his photography for the past two years but things have advanced very quickly and have found images becoming more and more popular.

He admits that Exhibitoo gave him a taste for entering his images into different competitions thus this has led to my work being included into so many exhibitions.

Behind Every Cloud Is Another Cloud? 'Behind Every Cloud Is Another Cloud?' by Jamie Sheehy

Gothic Family Series 'Gothic Family Series' by Jamie Sheehy

She Knows 'She Knows' by Jamie Sheehy

'Freckles In Black And White' by Jamie Sheehy'Freckles In Black And White' by Jamie Sheehy

'Homless In Rome' by Jamie Sheehy'Homless In Rome' by Jamie Sheehy

He was recently included in 'Life Lines exhibition' at 'The Greenwich Gallery', London and also got exhibited at prestigious Borough Market, London as part of '1000 Photos of Food' exhibition.

In 2015 his images are getting exhibited as part of groups exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York, Portland, London , Athens, Krakow & Dubai.

Beach Huts 'Beach Huts' by Jamie Sheehy

He was awarded an Honoree Award by See Her Group in New York in July for his image 'Blind Vision' which can be seen in upcoming solo exhibition along with other select pieces from series 'Gothic Family', 'The Sinners' and also some art nude work.

Pony Girl 'Pony Girl' by Jamie Sheehy

Funeral Family 'Funeral Family' by Jamie Sheehy

His first solo exhibition in UK will be at The Studio Eastry Gallery, High Street, Eastry, Kent, CT13 0HG.

The exhibition runs from Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd October 11am - 4pm.

The exhibition will be made up of around 16 select pieces from over the past 18 months and the work is available to be ordered and purchase all images will have limited edition print run.

30 Sep 2015

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