Life Line Exhibition

The standard of all entries was remarkably high and the task of chosing ten winners was almost impossible. I had to go by instinct rather than by analysis

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Life Line exhibition will run from 26th August 2015 until 2nd September 2015 at 'The Greenwich Gallery', Linear House, Peyton Place, London, SE10 8RS.

Curator Statement:

The standard of all entries was remarkably high and the task of chosing ten winners was almost impossible. I had to go by instinct rather than by analysis.

In suggesting this title I had in mind the notion of 'visual geometry' often heralded by Cartier-Bresson.

It is that coming together of natural or man made forms that combine into a geometic form - square, triangle, octagon etc. Where this includes some element of humanity the geometry is elevated to what I call a 'Life LIne'.

The element of humanity does not have to be literally human but can be human inspired or created and in that sense just about everybody got that.

All buidings are created by humans so my search was for something a little bit more and this could be ironic, abstract or literal. Those that have been chosen, and I do not know who you are as I am shielded from identities, many congratulations - we are thinking along similar lines.

For those not chosen you have certainly not failed in any way- another judge might have seen things differently, everyone really deserved a prize. This contest was perhaps more cerebal than some and you have shown great prowess.

Thanks to everyone for taking part and I hope to see you at the exhibition where ten framed prints will adorn the walls of The Greenwich Gallery and all the others will be shown on our LED screen.

Below are the ten photography art works chosen for print exhibition at the Gallery:

'Beach Huts' by Jamie Sheehy'Beach Huts' by Jamie Sheehy

'Door Way, Tate Modern.' by Dave Mason'Door Way, Tate Modern.' by Dave Mason

'occular shadows' by Piotr Chlapowski'occular shadows' by Piotr Chlapowski

'Vertical living' by Piotr Chlapowski'Vertical living' by Piotr Chlapowski

'Artery of a wall' by Teresa Chlapowski'Artery of a wall' by Teresa Chlapowski

'Wall 'Organ'' by Teresa Chlapowski'Wall 'Organ'' by Teresa Chlapowski

'Chair and Shadow' by Teresa Chlapowski'Chair and Shadow' by Teresa Chlapowski

'Stairway to the Sky' by Kant Rathod'Stairway to the Sky' by Kant Rathod

'Missing Guest' by Andy Wasley'Missing Guest' by Andy Wasley

'Uniformity' by Fern Taylor'Uniformity' by Fern Taylor

All the other submissions into 'Life Line' call for entries will be shown on Digital Screen at 'The Greenwich Gallery' during exhibition times.

14 Aug 2015


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Honoured to have been selected along with such strong images from other entrants. Can't wait to see everyone's work in place :)

19 Aug 2015

Congratulations to the winners, there are some quality images.

17 Aug 2015

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