Everything in the right place

everything in the right place

I took this photo somewhere going from Erg Chicaga to Ait Ben Haddou (Morocco). When I saw that view, I asked the driver to stop the jeep because it was an amazing landscape. Definitely worth a shot!

I have always taken pictures, and I do this essentially in an attempt to stop time. I like the idea of doing it even if it is only a fantasy. time alters everything: it changes your skin, your voice, your looks, your way of thinking. sometimes you change and you don’t even realize it. a photograph makes you go back in time, and you remember where you came from, who you were and what your thoughts were. through a snap-shot, you remember yourself. through mine, i’m attempting to leave a mark, no matter if it is sad or happy, it's enough to give an emotion. my pictures are spontaneous and sincere, sometimes moody.

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