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I took this picture in a little known country, Tajikistan, part of the old USSR, while on a humanitarian trip with a children's charitable organisation called Adventure Aid UK. It forms part of a developing series of landscapes I am working on under the title ‘Upside Down Worlds'. In this particular image the title not only describes the visual disorientation,but also makes an ironic comment on the 2 lifestyles: one in an unspoilt remote rural community and one in the developing high tech western world.

<img src="" title='Presence' by Dee King" alt="'Presence' by Dee King" />'Presence' by Dee King

For me this image, taken from an internal balcony above the entrance to a historic church in Cartegena, Colombia, captures the essence of a deeply reverent spirituality of a largely Catholic people.

This image, part of a series of the same title, was created in 2007 when I was working on a story about my son's sexuality. The revelation that he was gay led me to create a narrative series exploring this theme. I found myself creating a series of images which almost seemed to represent a set of stills from a movie.

The poster represents a classic love tale between man and woman.This is juxtaposed with 2 beautiful young people who, it would seem have gone in another direction...

The beauty Nadia is overlooked, while the young man to the back of the frame has walked away to find another kind of beauty.

Finally from the series ‘All The King's Men'

The 4 images selected here are from a current series of portraits I am developing on a tour of UK cities during 2014/15 entitled ‘All The King's Men'.

Colour is a very important element in my work. I find it can often reflect the mood of the shoot and denote the emotion of the moment between myself and my subject.

The king ornament in the background of the image of Eugene was taken early in the series. There was some kind of subliminal resonance I returned to here when naming the series for the exhibition. Since then the faces and stories behind each, have all taken on some kind of Kingly/ Knightly qualities.

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