Fruit Flower

Fruit Flower

Mango for sale on the streets of Manila, Philippines

I am a Canadian who looks at the world through a macro lens. A lot of my work is of flowers and small creatures but I am working on getting more people and artistic shots. My artistic journey started in Spain where I picked up photography as a new way of viewing life. I would take the same walk every day seeing the same subjects is different light and the changes from day to day. Constant change can happen in a single movement, with a single shift in light, or with a simple change in one’s point of view. I have been lucky enough to live in 6 different countries and visit 50 so far. I enjoy photography as a hobby and would like the chance to share my view of the world with others. My first book called Treasures in the Sand was a unique look at the flora and fauna of the Kuwait desert and my second book Treasure of the Jungle is an interesting look at the jungles of Panama.


Exposure: 1/280

Aperture: 4/1

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