Far Away Two Generations Apart

Far Away Two Generations Apart

Grandmother and Grandson live in the island of Vitoria, Brazil. She lived there her whole life. He was born there, the Island is about 12 nautical miles from the coast and the community lives from fishing. There is no beach at all.

Photographer based in Brazil Thomas Kremer (1969) is the youngest child of German immigrants who came to São Paulo, Brazil in the early 60s. Armed with an old Leica, photographing , developing and enlarging his own prints in B&W, at the age of 12 he began learning photography in a boarding school, and his hobby became his greatest inspiration in life. In the late 80s, early 90s, he lived in Germany while he was assistant at Pro Studios in Düsseldorf. There he worked with big names of European photography as Axel Gnad , Hans Hansen , Peter Knaup, Mike Christian among others . In 1991 h returned to Brazil and opened his own studio , where he began his professional career working for the major magazines of the Brazilian publishing market, shooting for up to 22 magazine titles monthly. At this time he began his fine art work, limiting to 8 the number of prints of his personal work. After the migration to the digital platform he continued with the limited number of prints, witch are limited between 3 and 30 final prints, depending of the kind of work he produces. He is continuously seeking visual renewal and personal expression in his personal work. With 4 published books, he is constantly looking for projects where the main focus is to find the beauty in balance between human beings and nature. His essays derive both from observation of nature and the construction of the image in the studio. Always drawing attention through aesthetic and beauty, building images with light and composition expressing through visual language.

Canon Canon EOS 60D

Exposure: 1/200

Aperture: 7400879/1000000

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