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I first became involved in photography in my early 20's when working in theatre stage management and began to specialise in production photography. During the last ten years I have become increasingly interested in photographing in the public realm having been introduced to the work of photographers like Gary Winogrand and Joel Meyerowitz. Meyerowitz's photograph 'West 46th Street' was particularly challenging and inspiring to me. When I first saw it I found it incoherent. But I began to realise that he was trying to capture the chaotic nature of the flux of life. Instead of composing a frame where something of interest was singled out, he was grasping for a wide field of view in which disparate elements simultaneously related all over the frame. From my first experiments of photographing people in public spaces I have been particularly interested in trying to take on this photographic challenge and work with the moments where chaos reveals a subtle, fleeting sense of order. My initial projects centred on documenting Britain's costal resorts. However after returning to London, having lived in a rural location for several years, I was hit by the cultural and visual complexity of the urban environment and began to concentrate on capturing this frenetic urban experience.

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