The lady of the swans

The lady of the swans

Took this a few years ago. I loved how the swans were staying around this beautiful statue. Hampshire UK

Hello and greetings to you all : ) My name is Yasmin and I have been into photography as a hobby for over 4 years. The camera I use currently is a Pentax K-x model. Whilst I value that there are always new things to learn in the field of photography, I also view photography as a wonderful tool that allows me to express my artistic flair, imagination and my own personal observations/view and perspective of the world around me. The Flickr community has been a wonderful medium and inspiration for me in this matter. It has allowed me to share my photography work with others of the same interest and passion and has helped me learn and develop further through feedback and also through some great examples of exceptional photography work that you get to see and appreciate there. I have a wide interest in photography and with a lot of my photos created through spontanous observation. The subject matter can include nature, wildlife and beautiful magical scenery with particular emphasise on colours and the magical effect of natural light. Yasmin de light - August 2014

Samsung Techwin

Exposure: 1/180

Aperture: 8681/1918

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