Windsor Park

Windsor Park

Autumn in a Windsor Park, UK

Born in 1980 in Milan, I live between Milan, Genoa and Riviera Ligure in constant motion. After completing Italian Studies in Social Worker (educatore professionale) at the University of Milan (Università degli Studi di Milano), I followed Summer School in Media Education at MED (Media Education Italian Association) from 2008 to 2014. I’m a member of MED. I’m a social worker, media educator and backpacker. For a long time I try to combine my passion to my job with projects, studies and personal research in the field of media education, especially photography. I can be considered a socially photographer specialising in travel and documentary storytelling. I work in Cooperativa Il Sentiero di Arianna as social worker and media educator where I organize workshop about photography storytelling, web radio and video editing. I also work as a freelancer. In 2011 I exhibited “Hand Shots”, a photographic project focused in a new way to get reality at the “Pingyao International Photography Festival” in China. In June 2013 I won a “Cesare Scurati Award” of MED Italian association of media education for my project “Mi presento in tre scatti”. This work focused on youth social inclusion connect to a immigration in Italy. In 2013 another project of mine came back in China. “The amazing adventures of Thomas in London” was exhibited at “Pingyao International Photography Festival” in China. I use a Nikon D3200, Polaroid, Iphone and every kind of camera… backpack and my feet. I visited: Singapore, Malaysia, Borneo, Egypt, Chile, Bolivia, Turkey, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Sweden, Austria, England, France, Holland, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, China.

Apple iPhone 4S

Exposure: 1/581

Aperture: 4845/1918

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