Lovers Leap

Lovers Leap

As the sun sets and the evening guests arrive, a moment to jump for joy

Coming from a 20 year background of photography including HELLO MAGAZINE, Rod married Bridal consultant Julie. It was when they were trying to find their own wedding photographer then that they both realised that there was something missing, that little something extra...the wedding X-Factor!! In 2004, after Julie completed her photographic training, they formed Zest Photography to fill that gap and have been photographing dozens of weddings every year in Sussex,Surrey, Hampshire, Suffolk and overseas ever since. By providing 2 professional photographers for every wedding, a couple beneifit in so many ways. A female photographer with the girls in the morning and a man with the boys to capture the preparations. 2 different angles of the ceremony itself. Traditional group shots blended with documentary 'fly on the wall' shots capturing the mayhem, fun and laughter that goes on during this segment. A male and a female perspective on the day. The list goes on and of course, being married themselves, a couple can be sure that Rod and Julies every waking moment for the few days leading up to the clients wedding will be spent formulating, discussing, working out and planning that wedding - not just 9-5 but pretty much from tea and gingernuts in bed in the morning to lights off at night!


Exposure: 1/250

Aperture: 9287712/1000000

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